Editorial Board Members

Article 1. (Powers and Duties)

① The Board has the power to make a decision on the following matters: contents composition of the journal, decision on rejecting submitted manuscripts, selecting reviewers for submitted manuscripts, evaluation of review results, exchanging opinions and mediation between reviewers and contributors, determination on the final publication, determination of the order of publication, correction of published manuscripts, number of copies to be issued and electronic publication format, reviewer’s fee and publication charge.

② The Board shall check and confirm the compliance with the Journal's code of ethics and editorial regulation.

③ The Board shall make a fair selection of reviewers for submitted manuscripts, and carefully select reviewers who can evaluate and review the manuscript in the most appropriate and professional manner for the manuscript.

④ The Board shall make the utmost efforts to facilitate exchange of opinions between reviewers and contributors.

⑤ In the process of reviewing submitted manuscripts, members must keep confidential the personal information of contributors and reviewers, and should not disclose information about the reviewers after the review is completed.

⑥ The Board may establish and implement all matters to be observed in relation to its powers and duties as operating rules.