Author's Checklist

◎ Author's Checklist

   To be considered for publication, your manuscript must be written according to the Instructions for authors. Please check the list given below before submitting your manuscript.


☐ All authors have seen a copy of the paper AND have approved its submission.

☐ I checked the journal’s website for instructions to authors regarding specific formatting requirements for submission.

☐ Please indicate the corresponding author of the paper. NOTE: only one person should be nominated. This is to avoid confusion.

☐ The manuscript is Hangul or MS Word(docx) file.

☐ The manuscript is Double Column format

☐ All pages (including references, tables, figure legends, figures and any Supplementary Data) are numbered sequentially.

☐ Sequence of title page, abstract and keywords, references, table title, figure title and legends all in English.

☐ Title page with article title, authors’ full name(s) and affiliation(s), corresponding author’s e-mail, running title.

☐ Abstract up to 250 words for original articles and up to 200 words for reviews, essays and features.

☐ All table and figure numbers are found in the text.

☐ References listed in proper format. All references listed in the reference section are cited in the text and vice versa.

☐ Title and contents of all tables and figures should be in English.

☐ All references should be in English.

☐ The copyright transfer agreement has been signed and sent to the editor or uploaded on the online submission system.

◎ Copyright Transfer Agreement


Author(s) :

Title of Manuscript :

This manuscript will be considered with the understanding that you gave submitted it on an exclusive basis.



Address :

City :

Country :


The undersigned hereby transfer their exclusive copyright interest in the above cited manuscript (subsequently referred to as the “work”) to Korea Planning Association, effective if and when the work is accepted for publication by Korea Planning Association and subject to the following.


1. The undersigned author retains the right to revise, adapt, prepare derivative works, present orally, or distribute the work, provided that all such use is for the personal noncommercial benefit of the undersigned and is consistent with any prior con\-tractual agreement between the undersigned and his/her employer.

2. Whenever Korea Planning Association is approached by third parties for individual permission to use, reprint, or republish specified articles (except for classroom use or reprint in a collective work) the undersigned author’s permission will also be required.


3. No proprietary right other than copyright is claimed by The Korean Planning Association.


This agreement must be signed by an individual author who has the consent of all authors.


Signature                Date               

Authorized Name and Title (Print) :

* It is acceptable to photocopy and sign this form.