Call for papers

1. Manuscripts are to be categorized into research papers, reviews, materials, technical notes and academic articles, among others. In the case of is not to be submitted in other academic journals in the same format, without prior written approval of our society.

1) Research paper should systematically include theoretical and experimental research with originality.

2) Review should systematically describe existing research or current technology.

3) Material should concisely write the computations, experiments, or field observations of certain phenomena.

4) Technical note does not require a unique system, but should reinterpret existing research, ideas of new problems, or fragmentary research work.

5) Academic article does not need to be systematically written like a research paper, but should describe new research or technology, ideas of new problems, and supplementation or amendment to published papers.

2. Length of manuscripts

Research papers and reviews should be written within 10pages, including figures and photos.

3. Preparation of manuscripts

1) Paper size: Hangul word processor or MS word processor with double columns on B5 papers is to be used in principle.

2) Language: Korean or English.

4. Submission of manuscripts

1) The manuscripts are to be submitted using the “online paper submission system” on the Web site of Korea Planning Association.

2) Submitted manuscripts are not returned to the author(s).

3) For papers judged “acceptable”, the original paper, figures and photos are to be submitted using the “online paper submission system”.

5. Manuscript Structure

Manuscripts are to be composed in the order of a title, author, abstract, keywords, body and acknowledgements (if necessary), references, and appendix (if necessary)