Instructions for Authors

Article 1(Manuscript for submission)

① The paper’s contributors shall provide the Editorial Board with information on conflicts of interest that have an inappropriate impact on the paper’s results and publications due to interest related to the authors and the paper.

② The paper’s contributors shall comply with the regulations of the “Bioethics and Safety Act,” etc., for research on all humans or human materials and must undergo a review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in advance.

③ The paper’s contributors shall review the submitted paper according to the guidelines recommended by the gendered innovations policy (

④ For matters not specified in the Code of Ethics and the Editorial Regulation of the Journal, the manuscript shall be written, in principle, by applying the international standard for editors and authors (

⑤ The paper’s contributors shall write the paper in compliance with the Code of Ethics and the Editorial Regulation of the Association; provided that the tables and figures may not be written side-by-side in English if the submitted paper is written in Korean. In this case, the final version must be written in compliance with the Editorial Regulation when the publication is confirmed.

⑥ The authors of submitted papers shall be jointly responsible for the preparation and publication of the paper and sign the copyright transfer agreement.

⑦ When the submitted paper is published, it shall be managed by the free access system which allows free online access for a certain period of time.


Article 2 (Eligibility for submission)

① The members of KPA can submit their manuscripts to the Journal. However, membership dues must be paid in full.

② Anyone who is not a member of KPA can submit as a co-author of the manuscript with the member of KPA.


Article 3 (Author’s Qualifications and Types)

① Author qualifications shall be conferred on persons who have made significant contributions to a work, such as (1) academic conception and planning of the work, data collection, and data analysis or interpretation, (2) writing a paper or revising academically important contents of the paper, and (3) reviewing the final manuscript of the paper to be published.

② In the case of master’s or doctoral dissertations, this fact must be stated in the paper, and the first author of dissertation shall be the degree recipient.

③ In case of large-scale research involving researchers from multiple institutions, the organization must clearly state the authors who are directly responsible for the contents of the paper.

④ All persons who are designated as authors with their names stated on a paper shall satisfy the author qualifications. However, research funding, data collection, or overall research supervision alone does not satisfy the requirements for authorship.

⑤ Authors are classified into single author, first author, corresponding author, and co-authors.

⑥ Single author refers to a case where there is only one contributor to the paper, and he/she becomes the main author and the corresponding author at the same time. When there are two or more contributors to a paper (co-authors), the main author and the corresponding author shall be distinguished.

⑦ The main author shall be limited to just one person who has made the greatest contribution to the paper among the co-authors. The name of the main author shall appear first in the list of author names.

⑧ The corresponding author shall be limited to just one person who has an obligation to answer paper-related questions or data requests. Furthermore, the corresponding author must provide the Editorial Board with information about any potential conflict of interest with any author(s) that may affect the review of the paper. If the corresponding author is not specified, the main author shall be deemed the corresponding author.

⑨ In principle, after the publication is confirmed, authors cannot be added or deleted, and the author types cannot be changed.


Article 4 (Receipt of Paper)

① Papers are received by the Editorial Board at any time, and the online paper submission system( isused for confirmation or questions regarding the receipt of the paper and reviewing process.

② The date of receipt shall be the online submission date of the paper.

③ When submitting a paper online, the contributors must agree to the Code of Ethics of the Association and that of bioethics, provide all conflict of interest information of authors, and submit one copy of the paper in .hwp file format. However, when the submitted paper is written in English, it may be submitted in MS-Word format.


Article 5 (Review fee and publication charge)

① Contributors must pay the review fee of 60,000 won when submitting a manuscript.

② Authors should pay 100,000 won for each publication after the publication is confirmed. However, if the number of printed pages exceeds seven pages, the author must pay the excess publication volume charge per 1 excess page. The excess publication volume charge is 25,000 won per page up to 12 pages, and 50,000 won per page for volumes exceeding 12 pages.

③ If requested by the author, one copy of a printed manuscript and separate copies (10 copies per person) are sent. If additional printing is desired, the author is responsible for the payment of the printing expenses.

④ If the author wishes to print in color, additional printing cost should be paid.

⑤ In case of submitting a manuscript and the publication confirmation in the name of the contributor, the review fee and publication charge are paid using the online manuscript submission system on JKPA's website.


Article 6 (Limitation on the Number of Publications)

For the each issue of the Journal published, the same author (lead author or correspondent author) cannot publish three articles or more at the same time. However, if there are reasons attributable to the Board, such as delayed manuscript review, there may be no restriction on the number of manuscript publications.


Article 7 (Contact Us)

Corresponding author(s) can contact Editor-in-Chief and JKPA staff for more informations about submission, review and publication.



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