Instructions for Authors

Article 1 (Manuscript for submission)

① Contributors shall write their manuscript in accordance with the code of ethics and editorial regulation of KPA. However, manuscripts submitted in Korean may not include English in tables and figures. In this case, when the publication is confirmed, the final copy must be prepared in accordance with the editing regulations.

② If there is a part that is not specified in the code of ethics and editorial regulation of KPA, the manuscript shall be prepared by applying the international standards for editors and authors (http://publicationeth\, in principle.

③ Authors of contributing manuscripts are jointly responsible for the writing and publishing of manuscripts, and must sign the copyright transfer agreement.

④ When a submitted manuscript is published, it is operated on the basis of a free access system that can be freely accessed online for a certain period.


Article 2 (Eligibility for submission)

① The members of KPA can submit their manuscripts to the Journal. However, membership dues must be paid in full.

② Anyone who is not a member of KPA can submit as a co-author of the manuscript with the member of KPA.


Article 3 (Author type)

① Authors are divided into a single author, the lead author, corresponding author, and co-author.

② The single author is a case in which the contributor is one person and the single author is then both the lead author and corresponding author at the same time. If there are two or more contributors (co-authors), the lead author and the corresponding author should be differentiated.

③ The lead author is the one who contributed the most to the manuscript writing among co-authors, and is limited to one person, and the order of entry is the first among the authors' names.

④ The corresponding author is limited to one co-author who is obliged to answer to questions or requests for further data. However, if the corresponding author is not specified, the lead author is regarded as the corresponding author.

⑤ Authors cannot be added or deleted after publication is confirmed, and the type of author cannot be changed, in principle.


Article 4 (Receipt of manuscript)

① Manuscripts are frequently received by the Board, and for confirmation and questions regarding the process of submission and manuscript review, use the online manuscript submission system on the website of JKPA (

② The date of receipt shall be the online manuscript submission date of the manuscript.

③ When submitting a manuscript online, the contributor must agree to the code of ethics of KPA, and submit a submission report and one copy of the manuscript in hwp format. However, if the submitted manuscript is in English, it can be submitted in MS-Word format.


Article 5 (Review fee and publication charge)

① Contributors must pay the review fee of 60,000 won when submitting a manuscript.

② Authors should pay 100,000 won for each publication after the publication is confirmed. However, if the number of printed pages exceeds seven pages, the author must pay the excess publication volume charge per 1 excess page. The excess publication volume charge is 25,000 won per page up to 12 pages, and 50,000 won per page for volumes exceeding 12 pages.

③ If requested by the author, one copy of a printed manuscript and separate copies (10 copies per person) are sent. If additional printing is desired, the author is responsible for the payment of the printing expenses.

④ If the author wishes to print in color, additional printing cost should be paid.

⑤ In case of submitting a manuscript and the publication confirmation in the name of the contributor, the review fee and publication charge are paid using the online manuscript submission system on JKPA's website.


Article 6 (Limitation on the Number of Publications)

For the each issue of the Journal published, the same author (lead author or correspondent author) cannot publish three articles or more at the same time. However, if there are reasons attributable to the Board, such as delayed manuscript review, there may be no restriction on the number of manuscript publications.


Article 7 (Contact Us)

Corresponding author(s) can contact Editor-in-Chief and JKPA staff for more informations about submission, review and publication.



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