Instructions for Authors

I. Qualifications and Types of paper

1) At least one person of the author(s) should be a regular member of Korea Planning Association. If you want to join the membership, please visit official website of

2) Manuscripts are to be categorized into research papers, reviews, materials, technical notes and academic articles, among others. In the case of research papers, they should not have been submitted or presented in other journals. In addition, if submitted in our journal, part or all of the paper is not to be submitted in other academic journals in the same format, without prior written approval of our society.

(1) Research paper should systematically include theoretical and experimental research with originality.

(2) Review should systematically describe existing research or current technology.

(3) Material should concisely write the computations, experiments, or field observations of certain phenomena.

(4) Technical note does not require a unique system, but should reinterpret existing research, ideas of new problems, or fragmentary research work.

(5) Academic article does not need to be systematically written like a research paper, but should describe new research or technology, ideas of new problems, and supplementation or amendment to published papers.

II. Length of manuscripts

Research papers and reviews should be written within 10 pages, including figures and photos.

III. Preparation of manuscripts

1) Paper size: Hangul word processor or MS word processor with double columns on B5 papers is to be used in principle.

2) Language: Korean or English.

IV. Submission of manuscripts

1) The manuscripts are to be submitted using the “online paper submission system” on the Web site of Korea Planning Association.

2) Submitted manuscripts are not returned to the author(s).

3) For papers judged “acceptable”, the original paper, figures and photos are to be submitted using the “online paper submission system”.

Ⅴ. Manuscript Structure

Manuscripts are to be composed in the order of a title, author, abstract, keywords, body and acknowledgements (if necessary), references, and appendix (if necessary).

VI. Authorship

1) The first author is the representative author who has contributed the most to the content and results of research and has personally written the paper. That is, it is the author who has contributed the most to the writing and research work of the manuscript.

2) Corresponding author represents co-authors and is clearly responsible for corresponding with the editorial board of the journal at all stages of submission, refereeing, and publication, also post-publication. That is, this person represents the paper for various administrative and legal problems during the overall processes. The corresponding author should ensure that affiliation, telephone number are provided, in addition to the e-mail address.

VII. Title and author(s)

1) In the case of manuscripts written in Korean, the titles and names are to be written in the order of the Korean title and English title of the paper, and the Korean name(s) and English name(s) of the author(s).

2) In the case of English manuscripts, the titles and names are to be written in the order of the English title and English name(s).

3) The first letter of all words, except for articles, prepositions and conjunctions, are to be written in capital for English titles.

4) The authors is to be written in the order of first author, and second, third, and fourth authors, according to the degree of contribution to the paper.
And the corresponding author does not have to be first author.

5) For English name(s) of the author(s), they are to be written in the order of first name, middle name, and last name.

6) On the upper right side of authors, * is to be marked and a line drawn at the bottom of the first page of the manuscript under which the “workplace in Korean (workplace in English)” are to be marked. The corresponding authors should use the format of “workplace in Korean(corresponding author, workplace in English, e-mail)” to write the contact information. Only, when the corresponding author works at the same workplace as other authors, write in the format of “workplace in Korean (corresponding author: corresponding author, workplace in English and e-mail)".
In addition, when there is only a first author, the marking of the “corresponding author” is to be omitted.

Ⅷ. process of proofreading of printing

After the review processes are completed, the author(s) may edit and correct the final version based on the official format of the manuscript. The final version of the manuscript shall be uploaded on the online paper submission system. Then the final draft will be sent to the author by email for proof reading.

Ⅸ. process of proofreading of printing

1) Pay the fees through online payment system of online paper submission system.

2) Fees

(1) Peer review fee: KRW 60,000

(2) Publication fee: KRW 60,000 (upto 10 pages)

3) Total number of pages

(1) Research paper and review: 10 pages maximum