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Korea Planning Association

Editor-In-Chief Euijune Kim(Seoul National University)
Manuscript Editor Sung Hyun Kim (Korea Planning Association)
Publisher Chanho Kim (Chung-Ang University)

Material Type : electronic books, journals No.
Frequency : The end of February, April, June, August, October, November and December
ISSN : 1226-7147(Print), 2383-9171(eISSN)

Introduction of Journal

The Journal of the Korea Planning Association (JKPA) is an open access journal founded in 1966. As the leading academic journal in urban and regional planning in South Korea, JKPA has embraced the multidisciplinary nature of this field.

Aims and Scope

The official journal title is The Journal of the Korea Planning Association (JKPA), JKPA encourages submissions of articles that employ multidisciplinary research methods and involve diverse geographical contexts, including non-Korean cities and rural areas. As the scope of the journal is international, we encourage submissions of articles from places that have experienced similar or different patterns of urban development to Korean cities, which are frequently characterized by rapid economic growth and urbanization.

  • - Planning Theory
  • - Transportation and Infrastructure Planning
  • - Environmental Planning
  • - Sustainable Development
  • - Planning Education and Pedagogy
  • - Planning Practice
  • - Urban Regeneration and Renewal
  • - Regional Development and Planning
  • - Urban Policy and Politics
  • - Urban and Landscape Design
  • - Real Estate Development
  • - Housing and Community Development
  • - Land Use Planning
  • - Planning for Disasters and Public Safety
  • - Smart City
  • - Spatial Analysis and GIS
  • - Economic Development Planning
  • - Public Administration, Finance, Budgeting
  • - Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources

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Current Issue

Volume 59(3); June 2024